„LJUBLJANA: programme conference „Guardians of the contexts“

The programme is online!

“Guardians of the contexts” – towards (more) responsible use of the European archaeological resources

International conference on the legislation, strategies and principles for the inclusion of the amateur archaeologists & metal detectorists into the scientific research and heritage protection schemes, and consolidation of the legal framework and practical measures for the prevention of looting and illegal trade in antiquities

Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date: 6th April 2018

Venue: National museum of Slovenia, Metelkova-Maistrova 1 (SI-1000 Ljubljana)

8:30–11:00 Session 1

  • Welcome address and introduction
  • Jelka Pirkovič: The predecessors of modern regulation regarding archaeological remains and finds – the case of Slovenia
  • Andrej Gaspari: The concept and development of the legal framework for the protection of portable archaeological heritage in Slovenia: ten years after the adoption of Cultural Heritage Protection Act (2008) and beyond
  • Uršula Belaj: Crime, related to cultural heritage in Slovenia
  • Marija Brus: The return procedures of unlawfully removed objects of cultural heritage
  • Uroš Košir: Detecting modern conflicts. Metal detector survey of post Second World War mass execution sites in Kočevski rog, Slovenia
  • Boštjan Laharnar: “Treasure hunters” finds: two assemblages from south-western Slovenia
  • Matija Črešnar, Branko Mušič: Metal detector as a prospection tool and its perspectives

11:30–13:30 Session 2

  • Boris Kratofil, Hrvoje Vulić, Anita Rapan Papeša, Maja Krznarić Škrivanko: It’s just a tool – Metal finds statistics as indicator for obligatory use of metal detectors on metal age archaeological excavations
  • Boris Kratofil, Hrvoje Vulić, Anita Rapan Papeša, Maja Krznarić Škrivanko: Lone wolf or Leader of the pack? – Why controlling a process is better than just witnessing it?
  • Igor Kulenović, Neda Kulenović Ocelić, Filomena Sirovica: Collateral damage on archaeological heritage after an armed conflict: free falling through the administrative cracks
  • Saša Kovačević, Zoran Wiewegh: Illicit excavations, misuse of metal detectors and illicit trade in archaeological items – legal regulations and procedures in the Republic of Croatia
  • Hrvoje Potrebica: Sinergy approach in protection of archaeological heritage from unauthorized collection and excavation
  • Milan Horňák, Martin Kvietok, Radoslav Ragač: Strategies of Detectoring Research in Mountain Areas of Slovakia
  • Jan Mařik: Metal detecting in the Czech Republic

14:30–16:00 Session 3

  • Eva Steigberger: Legal aspects and best practise examples – a typical case of contradiction?
  • Michael Waldher: Netzwerk Geschichte Österreich (NGÖ)
  • Katalin Wollak: The two sides of the coin – the Hungarian experiment
  • Iulian Ganciu: Patterns of destruction: Looting practices on archaeological sites in Romania
  • Andris Kairis: Protection of archaeological heritage, cooperation and legal considerations: Latvian case study
  • Adam Daubney, Michael Lewis: Preserving and Protecting the Past: perspectives gained from 15 years of liaison and recording metal-detecting finds in England and Wales

Final discussion, conclusions and recommendations of the meeting

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