Raising awareness

The community aims to raise awareness on the illicit trade of cultural material through a variety of different strategies. Since our community is still very young, we will refer for the moment to already existing material for raising awareness from different institutions (such as the UNESCO, Interpol or traffickingculture).  With time, we will also add our own material.

Online journals

The Journal of Cultural Heritage Crime (in Italian so far)


UNESCO: Outreach campaign in Latin America on the fight against illicit trafficking in cultural property, Poster-contest. You can see the winning poster here.

UNESCO: Awareness-raising postcards promoting cultural heritage (Maghreb)

Objects stolen from Mosul Museum, Iraq (INTERPOL)

Anti-Looting campaign posters from Belize (traffickingculture) – poster 1 and poster 2 from the Institute of Archaeology in Belize

Red lists

The Emergency Red List of Iraqi Cultural Objects at Risk – 2015

For the ICOM Red lists database see here

Publications and Handbooks

Legal and Practical Measures Against Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property (UNESCO 2006).

Culture & Development – Stop the Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property (UNESCO)

Strengthening Mongolian Capacities for the Fight Against the Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Objects in Mongolia (UNESCO)

Destruction of cultural heritage through metal detectoring (Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte e. V.) (German).

Antike Objekte im Internet kaufen? (Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte e. V.) (German)
Buying antique objects on the internet? (Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte e. V.) (English)
for further publications see here.

Videos (especially for children)

End trafficking, save culture! (UNESCO)

Looting heritage hurts societies (UNESCO) – for children. The films exist for different regions: Africa, Carribean, East Asia, South-East Asia and Iraq

Heritage Protection and Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property in Iraq (UNESCO) – for children, in Arabian

Protection of the Underwater Heritage (UNESCO) – also for children

Fighting illicit traffic of cultural property in South-East Europe (UNESCO)

Fight smuggling (UNESCO) – The film (in Spanish), intended for the general public, raises awareness on the current situation of cultural goods being smuggled in the MERCOSUR countries, and highlights the work being done by UNESCO and its partners to prevent the trafficking of cultural property in the region.

Illicit trafficking of cultural property in the region of the Maghreb (UNESCO)

Warning! Preventing the looting of cultural property in Africa (UNESCO) – for Tourists, children, …

Warning! Preventing the looting of cultural property in Latin America (in Spanish) (UNESCO) – for Tourists, children, …

Blutige Schätze: Der Antikenhandel und der Terror (German)

The French/German TV station ARTE has several documentaries about the black market of antiquities and art online. Have a look at the documentaries either in German or French!

Comics and other awareness raising materials


“Topolin Murat e i misteri di Pompei” (Topolino, n. 3101 from May 5, 2015, 13-32)

Comics on illicit trafficking in cultural property in countries in the Maghreb (UNESCO) – for children

No robes el pasado (UNESCO) – for children (in Spanish)

Norwegian Arts Council and partners’ awareness-raising playing cards – (look here for the cards)

Archeomafia explained for kids: read the article (in Italian)

Don’t collect ancient objects! (guide about how to deal with finds; in Italian)