UK/Bonhams: on auction an object related to Becchina and Symes …again. Now withdrawn!

The kantharos was redrawn by Bonhams yesterday (July 2, 2019) – right after we and ARCA published the connection to the Medici- and Symes-Archives.

Lekanis, bought by G. Becchina the same date as the kantharos.

Lynda Albertson from ARCA, together with Dr. C. Tsirogiannis, moreover discovered in one of the auctions from Christie’s, New York (June 4, 2008), an Apulian red-figure Lekanis, seemingly from the same workshop as the kantharos. It turned out that also this object derives from Becchina, who bought it together with the kantharos on March 5, 1988 (see image).



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