– a virtual interest club for art and cultural heritage protection is a social platform and a virtual interest club for art and cultural heritage protection experts and connoisseurs. They publish articles and engage in discussions on Art Law, Art Finance and Art Tech questions. Besides, actively participates in professional teaching courses, by organizing educational seminars on illicit traffic in cultural material to law enforcement sector, judiciary, museum officials and market practitioners. actively propagate commitment to protection of cultural heritage. To achieve this, they debate, enrich their readers with new knowledge and skills, share their expertise, discuss challenging issues, create network of contacts and fellow-thinkers beyond borders and raise social awareness in the most topical matters of cultural heritage protection and art law in the Baltic and Scandinavian region. is supported by UNESCO National Commission for Latvia. In summer 2019, the training co-organized by Latvian School of Public Administration, Latvian National History Museum and was placed among best practices of criminal justice responses throughout Europe by a report: “Illicit trade in cultural goods in Europe: Characteristics, criminal justice responses and an analysis of the applicability of technologies in the combat against the trade” published by Directorate-General for Education, Youth and Culture of European Commission, ECORYS and Trafficking Culture (please see the full report here).

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