GERMANY/ITALY: Gorny & Mosch selling antiquities from Giacomo Medici

The kylix as seen in the polaroids from the Giacomo Medici archive.

Dr. Christos Tsirogiannis, affiliated researcher at The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, University of Glasgow, has just identified today, November 20, 2017,  the kylix (cup) lot 62 at the forthcoming antiquities auction of Gorny & Mosch in Munich, Germany (Auction 252  –  13.12.2017: Ancient Art: An important collection of Greek vases and parts of the collection S. Moussaieff), from two Polaroid images (see on the right) from the confiscated archive of the convicted dealer Giacomo Medici. The cup is depicted on a grey carpet, which was used several other times as a background appearing in the confiscated Medici images.

The ‘provenance’ given by the German auction house is (translated from German is incomplete and does not refer to before 1970, and does not note the connection to Giacomo Medici: ‘Former collection P.C. in south Germany; formerly at Sotheby’s, London, 13-14/12/1982 auction, lot 248. Noted: BAPD 7047. Another time at Sotheby’s London, July 13-14, 1987, lot 409’.

You can see the kylix as offered by Gorny & Mosch below.

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