Documentary: frozen corpses, golden treasures

Gino Caspari is an archaeologist and explorer. The Fulbright alumnus and Columbia University graduate focuses on the discovery and analysis of millenia-old graves and ruins. Years of fieldwork, rigid academic training and a sense for adventure have led him to work in some of the wilder places on this planet. (Photo credit: M. Jendryke)In the fall of 2016, Co-Director and cinematographer Trevor Wallace travelled with the archaeologist Gino Caspari to far Western China. They located over 100 graves in the militarized border zones near Russia and Kazakhstan. They followed the trail of stolen grave goods, escaped the military border guards, and spent time in traditional Kazakh villages wrestling and riding horses.

For the past 5 years Gino Caspari has been searching for Scythian treasure in the Altai mountains of far Western China. The Scythians were a group of nomadic horse lords that ruled Central Asia 2,500 years ago. Gino Caspari has been using satellite imagery to locate ancient grave mounds that contain the mysteries of the Scythian culture. This documentary chronicles his journey to find the artifacts that will unlock the secrets of this illusive past.

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