Burglary at University Museum of Bergen: Help to find the stolen items!

Kein automatischer Alternativtext verfügbar.We would like to share with you the email of our colleagues in Bergen, Norway, head of department Asbjørn Engevik and Prof. Knut Andreas Bergsvik, informing about a burglary at the University Museum of Bergen:

It is with deep regret that we have to inform you that there has been a burglary at the University museum in Bergen, Norway. August 12th several hundred valuable metal objects were stolen from our collections. The artifacts are dated mainly to the Viking Period, but there are also objects dated to the Migration Period and Roman Period. At this point the police is working to solve the crime, but until now, none of the objects have been found.

Pictures of the missing objects are constantly being uploaded at the museum’s Facebook page.

This is a terrible blow, not only to Norwegians and Norwegian archaeology, but to our common European cultural heritage.

We are afraid that very soon, these objects will start to circulate and to be announced for sale on an international market. Please have your eyes and ears open and to contact us if anything turn up.

We ask you to please spread this information in your networks.


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