SAA Online Seminar: Working With Metal Detectorists on Nov 10, 2016

The SAA organises online seminars. One of special interest for us is the one on November 10, 2016, on Working With Metal Detectorists:  Citizen Science at historic Montpelier and Engaging a New Constituency. The seminar will be held by Matthew Reeves, the Director of Archaeology at James Madison’s Montpelier.

The goals of this one hour, online seminar are to discuss the practical and conceptual benefits of working with the metal detecting community. The practical include the use of metal detectorists in efficiently locating sites, obtaining site information from folks that have metal detected in areas, and using the local metal detecting community to spread the word about site protection of a particular area or set of sites. The conceptual include engaging a constituency that is an easy and useful target for understanding the benefits of site preservation.

After taking the online seminar, participants will: 1) Understand the benefits of metal detector survey using experienced detectorists; 2) know how to practically engage with metal detectorists; and 3) will know the pros and cons of such interactions.

Find more information here and click here for registration!

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